I was reading this article about how women, if they figure out and understand the patterns in their past failed relationships, are better positioned to have a healthy one.

So I took a look at my pattern of semi-serious relationships: The main thing they had in common was that, with only one exception, they were musicians. (The other one mostly played with people’s heads.) One played bass and drums, the Dead Ex played the banjo and guitar, one was a piano player, another one played rhythm guitar, the next one was a drummer, the next one played bass, guitar and keyboard, another played bass, and yet another one played keyboards. (Oddly enough, these lips have never touched those of a lead guitarist.)

So what I figured out is, it wasn’t so much that I wanted relationships — I wanted a band!

The next time, I’m gonna make it simple. I’ll just look for someone who owns a studio.

2 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. I’ve read your blog for almost 7 years. And now, NOW, I understand you. (Well, that was overstated, but still.)

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