Monday Night Songs

I Think About You. I can’t for the life of me remember who does this, might be Kathleen Edwards…(An alert reader identifies the singer as Eliza Gilkyson. Thanks!)

It’s Over, Alison Krauss. I still remember the first time I heard this. I was about to take a shower and I had WXPN’s bluegrass show on the radio when this pure, amazing voice filled the air. I was just floored.

Harley, one of the wonderfully whimsical songs from Nashville songwriter Don Henry.

100 Years, Five for Fighting. One of the few songs where I can play the keyboard part (learned it off a YouTube video)!

Restaurant Scene, Jules Shear. This song always reminds me of the charming alcoholic judge. We would only go to restaurants in the ‘burbs where he knew the owners, and he would go around glad-handing everyone in the place — when he wasn’t sitting at the table drinking. There’s a novel in there somewhere…

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Songs

  1. I Think About You is by Elise Gilkyson from the album Paradise Hotel. I think you would like that one a lot.

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