One thought on “Autumn Leaves

  1. And her “Over the Rainbow” totally surpassed Judy Garland’s. But it is a little unfair, or Philistine, to compare works of art isn’t it?

    My mom, who listened to Caruso, as young child (in an Irish Catholic household!) thought Pavarotti had him beat. Long after she’d forgotten her name, her children, how to eat with a spoon, you could get a response from her with Pavarotti on the tape deck.

    That’s what dementia does to the human body and soul. Not Alzheimer’s, the other forms of dementia no one really wants to talk about.

    I remember the first doctor who diagnosed her condition, and laid out accurately what the next decade would bring. My immediate response was “I will never quit smoking!”

    He answered, “If I were you. I wouldn’t either.”

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