Mommy, What’s A Job?

“Well, honey, back in the old days, people used to leave their houses and go someplace to do what we called ‘work’…”

Which is by way of saying that I just got off a phone interview for a job. Well, sort of a job, they haven’t completely defined it yet. But it’s online work for a progressive organization I already like, and I think I’d like to work with them.

So I should hear in the next week or so where they want to go with it (which will determine whether I want the position) — and whether they want me to work for them.

We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Mommy, What’s A Job?

  1. Will you still be able to blog? Give your opinions?

    I hope you get what is paying work, but I really love your blog so fervently wish you get a job and we get to keep your voice available in your blog!

  2. Well, I hope it works out good for you, however it ends.

    BTW, in the for what it’s worth category, you’ve been doing some of your finest writing over the past few weeks, here and at C&L. Ever since you came back from R&R especially. We’ll have to start a “Susie needs a weekend at an undisclosed location” fund.

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