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Anne Laurie at Balloon Juice, commenting on all the “concern” about unemployed workers applying for Social Security disability:

So, let’s drop the mealy-mouthed charades for a minute and get blunt: “We”—the tiny percentage of people at the top of the American income pyramid and the millions of its enablers—are breaking people at an increased and ever-expanding rate. The backdoor programs cobbled together to keep these broken people out of public perception are being strained past the point where Very Serious Economists are comfortable. And therefore “we” need to… further cut back Social Security eligibility, “force” people to stay in the jobs they don’t have, presumably until everyone below boardroom level drops dead 20 minutes before shift-end, so they can be recycled expeditiously with the rest of the day’s garbage.

Since providing even the most minimal raggedy social safety net is un-American socialism, I guess it may come down to a choice between a good murderous pandemic influenza, like the 1918 version that tended to kill previously healthy young adults, or soylent green.

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