7 thoughts on “No such thing as climate change

  1. If the climate change deniers don’t soon come to their senses we’ll all become participants of the new ‘Waterworld’ (…and I never learned to swim).

  2. No one with more than two brain cells to rub together will deny that there is climate change..

    The planet’s climate has been changing for billions of years…

    Humankind’s effect on the climate is what is in dispute..

    The time that humans have been on this planet is a pimple on a flea that is on the butt of the totality of the planet’s existence..

    It is the epitome of arrogance for humans to think they could actually effect the climate of the planet.. Humans could no more affect the global climate than they could affect the rotation or orbit of the planet..

    Think of humans on the planet as a man sitting in a dingy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The man takes a piss in the ocean.. Sure, it’s probably not the best thing for the environment in the immediate area of his…. er…. dingy…

    But to think that this one man taking a piss can affect the entire ocean is the epitome of arrogance and a totally overblown sense of self-importance.


  3. Soooo, s’cuse me, Michale, are you implying that climate change may, in fact, be a reality, except that it’s just a normal event of nature and that there’s nothing humankind did to start it or can do to stop it? If that’s your argument then I’d suggest that all the various stages of proven evolutionary events, eg., the ice age and the like—–ultimately means the ‘normal’ destruction of all life as we know it, including human life. And following that progression, are we in store for an entirely new evolution of say, dinosauers, fish, and even a ‘new’ humankind?

  4. Dandy,

    Yes, climate change is a reality. To argue otherwise is foolish and illogical.

    Yes, it’s a normal event of nature. Again, to argue otherwise, is ridiculous. The planet’s climate did not, all of the sudden, start changing when humankind entered the picture.

    At this point in their technological evolution, humankind is powerless to change the climate. We might as well try to change the orbit of the planet. Both are beyond our grasp..

    As for an entirely new evolution? All things evolve.. Who knows what things will be like a thousand years from now..

    As for me, I would give my right….er…. arm to be around to see it. 😀


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