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  1. Hey wait, Suze, can I go?

    (..and, um, btw, are you doing a Dick Cheney——an undisclosed location—– on us? If so, you need a good spankin’ when you get home!

  2. couple of things:
    Republican Cong. candidate Paul Gosar running against Ann Kirkpatrick in District 1 Arizona refused to participate in last nights debate in Phoenix on the local PBS station “too far to drive” meanwhile he’s spending a bundles on TV ads

    The lunatic ex Pres. Bush his biggest regret no privatizing Social Security – beyond words really. TG he’s gone.

  3. Tfitzaz I agree with your statement on Ex Pres. Bush (jr) but unfortunatly, he has a lot of wanna- bes from congressional representatives, sentorial and presidential candidates who would be delighted to finish the job he started. :<

  4. What is about the Left that they really go to the mat for Free Speech… Unless, of course, it’s speech the Left doesn’t agree with??

    Whatever happened to the sentiment that, “I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death your right to say it!”??

    And, what the hell is going on when the Left, who gave us Spring Break instead of Easter Vacation and Winter Break instead of Christmas Vacation, become the all consumed and hysterical warriors of religious freedom??

    Don’t get me wrong.. I think there is entirely too much religion forced into our lives.. I am a devout agnostic and firmly believe that Freedom OF Religion also means Freedom FROM Religion…

    But I just don’t understand why the Left slams Christians and Christianity at every opportunity (most of it deserved), yet gets all hysterically defensive about Muslims and Islam..

    It’s almost as if the Left simply chooses to defend Islam because the Right is against it..

    But THAT can’t be it….

    Can it???


  5. Gee I wonder what religious group Timothy McViegh belong to? If one believes Wikipedia ” McVeigh was reprimanded by the military for purchasing a “White Power” T-shirt at a Ku Klux Klan protest against black servicemen who wore what he viewed as “Black Power” T-shirts around the army base” -sure defend his freedom of speech, apparently.

  6. Oh c’mon Michale, have you nothing better to do? Let’s please veer away from the nitpicky things that most folks—-left/right, whatever——–would probably feel is a waste of precious time and e-ink! Can we turn our attention to more Macro issues that impact a greater part of our lives rather than focus on t-shirts or tatoos?

  7. LeoInAugust,

    I must be a bit slow today.. Not sure what your point is..


    Freedom of Speech and Expression is a big impact on our lives as Americans.. 😀


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