3 thoughts on “Obama hires a hustler

  1. Ooof! Hard hitting article:

    Behind the wonderfully engaging smile of this president there is the increasingly disturbing suggestion of a cynical power-grabbing politician whose swift rise in power reflects less the earnestness of his message and far more the skills of a traditional political hack. If there was more of the sincere community organizer in the inner makings of this man, he would not have turned to one of the architects of a housing scam in filling a leadership position in his administration. Why assume that Donilon will now run our foreign policy, wrapped as it is in a secrecy that endangers so many, with any greater sense of moral integrity than he employed when he enriched himself by impoverishing so many ordinary Americans not blessed with his political connections?

    Do read it all.

  2. Heh! Obama HIRED a hustler? Obama IS a hustler, and you know the old saying about birds of a feather…………………..

  3. From the article; “Paulson’s admission in his memoir that he, at the time he was advising the president, still did not know that home mortgages were at the heart of those troubling securities . . .” A one word comment, bullshit! Everyone in the blogging community had been talking about the ‘Event’ years before it happened. If the Dirty Fucking Hippies had guessed it, you know the architects of the deal new exactly what the problem was.

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