5 thoughts on “Calling Dr. Freud

  1. Also: Jobs that don’t exist cannot be lost, so not building the train tunnel won’t cost jobs. Except union and mobbed-up jobs which already don’t exist and wouldn’t exist but would be billed to taxpayers if the tunnel were built. The man’s not politically stupid.

  2. I think it’s important to keep taxes on the rich as low as possible — and anyway they can use their helicopters to get into Manhattan and don’t have to be subjected to increased air pollution from denser traffic. So, as far as Christie is concerned, it’a all good.

    Now, had his type been in charge during the Great Depression we wouldn’t have any of the great public service construction projects we still use. Nor would he have the great recreational sites, such as the the Blue Ridge Highway.

    I’m sure our grandchildren will thank us in the future for leaving them a big stinking mess of higher carbon pollution and spiking global warming.

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