Suspended for making three campaign contributions to Dems.

Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough, of course, have not been suspended, despite numerous contributions to Republicans.

That librul media!

I suggest you let MSNBC president Phil Griffin know how you feel. Contact him at phil.griffin@nbcuni.com.

Oh, and while you’re at it? Call your congress person and demand an investigation into the Comcast merger and whether this had anything to do with it.

UPDATE: NBC employees tell Gawker…. those rules don’t even apply to MSNBC! More interesting by the minute.

11 thoughts on “Olbermann

  1. We need Keith’s voice on the air to combat the O’Reily’s, Hannity’s, etc. The cable airways are so polluted with misinformation, 24/7—especially from Fox—-that it stinks to high heaven. Bring back Olbermann!

  2. I’m no fan of KO but it’s not like his political leanings were unknown.

    Some people have been pointing out that FOX allows such donations, but would they be any less biased if they didn’t?

  3. and I hear Randi Rhodes got a bomb threat. I’m glad those teabaggers are such peace-luvin’ people. Since I’m sure these are just isolated incidents.

  4. Apparently, Scarborough cleared his contributions first. If it is a rule that Olbermann needs to adhere to, he did a poor job of following the directions. If it’s not a rule for MSNBC’ers to follow, then they suspended him for no reason.

  5. According to Maddow, under the “old” company they could donate with prior permission, hence Scarborough. I believe she said with the new owners they said nope, no contributions.

    Also, Suzy, you didn’t cite anything so I didn’t know where you were getting the info from. Maddow did provide some background and their own words on it too. See how much I watch Fox?

  6. The election is over. Its time for the big money interests to start getting what they paid for.

    Gasoline is going up also, they claim because of Bernake’s efforts to support the banks.

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