4 thoughts on “2014

  1. We won’t leave until they quit fighting and let us control their country through a puppet government. They won’t quit fighting until we leave and let them control their own country through a government they choose. They live there and are not leaving. Therefore ….?

    “We’re not getting out,” Gates reaffirmed last week. “We’re talking …about probably a years-long process.”

    President Obama is no longer in control of the government. (If he ever was.) His plans and promises are meaningless. The generals and the military/industrial establishment control this government.

    Nothing about this situation will change until the wars completely destroy our economy and it literally becomes impossible to put an army in the field.

  2. Yep, Obama is already a lame duck and whatever political authority he had has been handed over to the rethugs. Dean in ’12, anyone?

  3. I don’t mean he has lost control of the government electorally. I mean he has lost control as in a military coup. The military establishment is running government decisions and policy in America as it does in, say, Pakistan.

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