3 thoughts on “PBS

  1. Wow! And those weren’t particularly stinging zingers!

    I’d only heard the quip about rape kits for women; did not know there was more!

    Sheesh, PBS. Triple sheesh.

  2. Speaking of PBS, Gov. Chris “Can’t Raise Taxes on the Rich!” Christie has followed through on his threat to end funding to NJ Public TV and layoff — well, actually, termination — slips have been sent to ALL employees of NJN.

    It’s the only station in my area of NJ which covers in any depth NJ politics and what goes on in Trenton. I can see why Christie would not like that…. According to the article I linked to, various groups are trying to find ways to keep coverage of NJ extant…somehow.

    And, it has some really good programs not carried on NYC’s Ch. 13.

    Elections do have consequences, and thugs do not make good governors.

  3. PBS got itself into the hot zone with the recent political shenanigans — alas, twas merely a delicate luxury from a bygone time in this empire’s decline. PBS has been in the plutocrats’ pockets for quite some time, as reflected by their thinly veiled war and corporate cheerleading behind a smiley face, with occasional detours into safe dissenting views. The nation has been dragged far to the right since the last decade, so far as to be a pale shadow if its only recently former civic and political self.

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