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  1. I did, once. Well, technically it was still Black Friday, but it was about 10 pm when I went to Walmart to pick up a couple of skeins of yarn I needed. The place looked like a battlefield and the employees, poor things, looked like they were ready to drop. But the store was nice and quiet.

    This Friday the kid is coming over about 10, I’m going to make a pitcher of mimosas, and we’ll put up the Christmas trees and eat turkey sandwiches.

  2. Thank you, as one who thanks to the great job market is now 3 years into a crappy retail job I can’t thank you enough for not buying into the hype. I’m just wondering how many of the workers who have to work 8, 10, 12 hour shifts starting at 2, 3 or 4 am are going to be killed or injured when they try to drive home and fall asleep at the wheel and how many of these type of deaths will it take for sanity to be restored to the system.

  3. I have never been shopping on black Friday, either. I’ve always managed to get deals just as good if not better without the insanity. I really don’t understand the whole concept.

  4. Worked for a group of radiologists. Year before, I picked out individual gifts for each. Didn’t expect the cheap bastards to price and compare what they got. Cold shoulders from some.

    Next year I decided to give the same present to everyone. I decided on an expensive atlas that was the best that I had ever seen. Called around, one of the huge stores in New York had the 8 copies I needed.

    Drove to the city to get them on Friday after Thanksgiving.

    Front door was packed. Years of worming my way through huge stadium crowds had taught me how to move. Made it to the packed elevator. More people squeezed on. Then the elevator dropped before the automatic emergency brake stopped it.

    How the heroes of the maintenance department ever got two ladders through that crowd, I’ll never know. One to get down to the top of the elevator, the other for us to climb up. People would have to claw one another to even get free from the mob. Sardines are not closely packed, we were.

    I got out. Between me and the doors there was a mob that was not giving an inch. Never underestimate the greed of a rich person who spots a deal on a $40 set of bed linens.

    Never underestimate what a crazy man is capable of either. I went crazy. I punched old ladies in furs in the kidney and tossed them over the crowd to make a hole. I cold cocked a couple of men in $1,000 plus suits. I used every dirty fighting trick that I had even heard of. I left a real trail of mayhem behind me. I made the doors and left.

    Damn doctors got a $20 pencil and pen set, exactly the same, for xmas.

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