Trickling down

Guess people should have paid more attention when he praised Reagan, huh?

WASHINGTON — President Obama said he would consider adopting some of the recommendations in the provocative debt-reduction plan from his fiscal commission, which wrapped up work on Friday with more of a bipartisan accord than even its members had expected.

Soon after the commission finished — with 11 of its 18 members backing the package of deep spending cuts and revenue increases — Mr. Obama issued a statement praising the panel’s work. Without embracing any particular ideas, he said he would review them all as he looks for ways to “correct our fiscal course.”

“The commission’s majority report includes a number of specific proposals that I — along with my economic team — will study closely in the coming weeks as we develop our budget and our priorities for the coming year,” Mr. Obama said in a statement distributed by the White House as the president visited troops in Afghanistan.

4 thoughts on “Trickling down

  1. When I suggested, at Balloon Juice, that some member or other of Congress would no doubt take an idea or two as the basis for legislation, one commenter in particular told me that couldn’t happen. “It was the whole package or nothing.” I answered that maybe I’d just become a very cynical older woman.

    I guess I right about the report being an idea generator. I should have expected that it would be Obama who did it first.

  2. There is a reason Obama appointed this commission, over the objections of Congress.

    All together now: “Because he’s a conservative.”

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