2 thoughts on “Winter babies

  1. Whenever I read something like this I assume some freak in Human Resources somewhere is going, “That’s it – no more hires who have birthdays in January.” Which is probably the reason behind all this homeland security show your birth certificate to get a job bull shit.

  2. I grok circadian rhythms and such but how the research makes the leap from circadians to schizophrenia is a bit odd, other than some correlational citations, but again, correlation is not causation. But really, this study went off the rails from the get go when it created artificial sleep-wake cycles to begin with. You think you can actually fool the body? What they did is to create another *dependent* variable (DV) that interacted with the mice’s own inherent cycles, but then they treated that variable as though it were an independent variable. (Boo. Hiss. Another POS research, imho). But let’s run with the concept of the study: emotional & adjustment outcomes observed when considering circadian rhythms vis-a-vis expected routines.

    What might be more apt as a hypothesis is that in a culture that is increasingly driven by bean counting, shoe-horning, spreadsheets and conformity, someone more prone to work the afternoon or late shift might find themselves at odds with the status quo. After all, it is a symptom of modernity (and macro-chaos) that everyone is expected to function lock-step during the same hours of the day, presumably because that way, BB can be satisfied that no one is subverting the adult labor honor code. But just think of what we do to ourselves with this lock-step madness – the traffic alone – oh the humanity. Moreover, it’s not like we could afford to have your knowledge workers occupy a building 24-7 – think of the electricity costs alone. I suppose you could go into a 24-7 kind of field like health care or law enforcement, if it is your wont to do so. But the options are somewhat constrained. Used to be, the Village appreciated, indeed, required, a few souls to be night owls, for the betterment of all – and, concomitantly, didn’t expend quite so much effort on detecting how modernity requires regular peeps to twist themselves into pretzels (ex. for everyone: 5.5 hrs of sleep v. 8), all the while making the attribution endemic to the individual. Ah, those were the days ; )

    But this is why research, limited to a few, measurable variables rarely points us in the directions we need to go, which are often counterintuitive. While macro-chaos increases, the tendency is to TRY to create artificial constants/constancy to create the illusion of equilibrium within a system. However, as we see occurring with the niches (not) available to small businesses (no micro lending, failure to defend vs. monopoly, etc.) as macro-chaos increases, we need to hold the line on diversity of economy (ecology); i.e., create niches for people who have been down-sized, right-sized, but who are nonetheless downright able to size up the competition and ably compete. Then we wouldn’t need to be conducting studies on mice by screwing up their sleep-wake cycles as some substitution for understanding our seeming compulsion to screw up our own.

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