5 thoughts on “Isn’t that nice

  1. Ian Welsh has a post up today about torture and references the case of an Arizona representative who has been sued by a bank that may (or may not) have the mortgage note on her house after she began to inquire as to what bank actually holds the note. She and her husband are on current on their loan but they wanted to prepare for seeking a refi and wanted to confirm who actually has the note.

  2. Yep. It was for fear of something like this that I didn’t ask to see my note.

    What kind of a country/system/world is it when asking for something you have every right and need to know results in retribution?

    It’s the banks’ world. We just live in it and pay them for the privilege.

  3. I was advised by my lawyer not to inquire for the same reasons. We will continue to be abused until we start abusing back. Another reason I’m coming to agree with Ted Rall.

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