4 thoughts on “Ixnay

  1. i’m using mine currently, but only because I had to blow a hole in my budget (appraising the house for a re-fi).
    OTOH, when u get the re-fi as i suspect, some of the money goes to paying off the last two credit cards, at which point the scissors come out and snip snip snip.

  2. I’m still using mine, right now it’s the only “money” I have. When I became unemployed I set a strict regime of not using the card for anything but some classes at the Foundation Center or something related to job hunting. By paying a bit more than the minimum payment, my credit rating went up, they reduced my interest rate a bit, and increased my credit limit.

  3. “reinstating the usury laws” … there ya go! if only.

    I use a debit card and only bank with credit unions. Haven’t had any problems.

  4. I really distain the notion of discussing this in public, but I recently re-acquired a credit card that I’d paid off 5 years ago and swore I’d never, ever get another one. But, as many of us have discovered, if you don’t have cash in an emergency, plastic is the only way to go (unless you plan to rob a bank….oh, nevermind)…………….

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