3 thoughts on “Krugman

  1. Anyone in their right mind can see that the hoodlums on the right (not all, but most, including our limpdick president) will now have the responsibility to actually govern since they’ll control the purse-strings in the House, not to mention their ‘friend’ in the White House. Were it not for the hurt and pain that millions of Americans are suffering—and will continue to deal with for decades to come—-it might be interesting and fun to bag up some popcorn and watch the comedy/clowns perform over the next coupla’ years!

  2. My disputing anything related with banking or economics with Krugthulu would be high folly, which is why I’m sneaking this comment in here. He does leave out that major parts of the enabling legislative disabling were done by the Clinton team.

    But the real story is that all those crafty, shifty poor people outsmarted the bankers while they were home asleep in their three piece pajamas, and got mortgages. Then they snuck into the non-bank banks, hacked their computers, and constructed the financial instruments which cannot be named.

  3. Krugman still has about 30 yards to get to the field goal position.

    He has a good idea of all that is wrong, but if he, like Bernie Sanders, told the plain and simple unvarnished truth, he would be a pariah in about two seconds in government and on wall street. Mr Krugman needs his public stoking enough to withhold about 30 per cent of the whole story.

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