4 thoughts on “DADT

  1. “Joe made it happen”? What. Does he have his own blog now?
    Success has many parents, but LIEberman will always be a shifty skunk.

  2. I fully and completely agree with Elise. The heroes passing this particular bill will be the traitors on the next progressive bill. I don’t put any faith at all in LIEberman or Barry moving forward. To me, they all are just lying-ass crooks seeking what’s best for the next election.

  3. Revoltin’ Joe is so loathed by his electorate, he needed something to cast himself as anything other than just another right-wing fanatic. On a larger note though, while I’m really pleased to see an end to this odious policy, I can’t help but see this as a sop after well and truly fucking the base with the recent bailout for the rich.

  4. I wish this time had not been wasted on a diversion from the real issue of stopping the wars. I really don’t care who serves in the army, and I think the fewer people serving the better. If the army wants to rise in rebellion on some issue, it should rise up against further serving in a meaningless war in Afghanistan.

    Spending time and effort on this issue only has served to pro-war militarist cause. They love to use issues connected to sex to rile people up and get them diverted off of really important issues that threaten their domination.

    Watch the movie, “Yes sir! No sir!” to be reminded that the war in Vietnam only ended when the army itself began to rebel and refuse to fight any more.

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