God’s work

It’s been decades since I lived in the diverse parish of West Philadelphia’s St. Francis de Sales Church, but somehow I still think of it as “my” church. It’s the closest thing I’ll ever have to one, and last night I went to their Midnight Mass.

If anything, the music was more beautiful than ever. With their outstanding choir, the church’s classic French organ and a stunning brass ensemble, it was truly a beautiful performance (and of course, I got to hear the Hallelujah chorus).

I was more than happy to put a contribution into the collection basket because it’s a poor parish, forever robbing Peter to pay Paul — and yet still doing God’s work. On the program they handed out last night was noted, “Our worship together flows into a life of service, justice and peace.”

And it does – for at least thirty years, that I know of.

And I knew that even before I read this in today’s paper. But it’s nice to have it confirmed.