Spent most of the day sick and sleeping on the couch, watching all-day marathon of “Freaks and Geeks” – stomach thing is either entirely new, or has transmogrified from previous incarnation. Yay!

My oldest visited for breakfast this morning, and he did a credible impression of being happy with his new socks, shirts and underwear. He gave me a very cool gift, a large touch pad to use instead of the glide pad I have now.

Spoke to my youngest in Brooklyn in between naps, who said the dog “really liked” the toy squirrel I sent her, but they had to take it away because, well, she kept trying to hump it. I thought this was hysterical and was laughing my ass off but he said, “No, mom, it’s really creepy. She’s humping this thing and looking up at you, it was really gross.”

Also, he and DIL really liked the electric blanket. They live in a poorly insulated apartment and it will help them keep the heating bills low.

And how was your Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Merry!

  1. Most excellent, thank you. My son and I spent the day with the GF and Family. Indulged in our Xmas morning tradition of sparkling wine as presents are opened. Much hilarity ensued. Big dinner with even more of her relatives and soon to be in-laws. Ate too much, fell into a stupor just in time for the football game. Tidings of comfort and joy, etc.

  2. The entire metro area of Atlanta acutally got a decent amount of snow that stuck for the first time since like 188something. Seemed as if my whole block was caught up in the spirit…………….folks were calling each other and inviting one another over for some food and drink…………..really fun.

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