8 thoughts on “Ethical dilemma

  1. All I can hope is that God is keeping him alive long enough to repent and tell the truth about his vile, evil deeds. How can innocent children die of war, hunger and disease and this …person… be continuing to walk on the earth and see the sunshine?

  2. No, I would not. I would tell whoever that I wanted the heart to go to someone younger, who still a family to support and live for.

  3. Hell, I’d sign off in a heartbeat, my heart is in a lot worse shape than his. I’d even be willing to swap if he paid for it.

  4. The question is obviously moot. If he actually needed one… Oh, finish that sentence however. Thank goodness he’s not up[ for a face transplant so we can recognize evil walking.

  5. Dick Cheney has already eaten thousands of human hearts. Why would I feel obligated to surrender another one?

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