Seven dead in Syria

Juan Cole:

The Muslim Brotherhood is to anti-imperialism what Ben & Jerry’s are to ice cream, and even they are supporting NATO!

Meanwhile, sub-Saharan African migrant workers are being massacred by anti-Gaddafi rebels in Libya, apparently because they can’t tell black people apart and assume they’re all mercenaries working for the dictator.

Isn’t war great?

3 thoughts on “Seven dead in Syria

  1. Well, NATO apparently took out a small convoy of…rebels. Heard 10 killed. Ah, here’s a link.

    Apparently, someone shot off a rocket of some sort, either experiementing or celebrating. Happened at night.

    Who could possibly have predicted this would happen…. Well, I figured it would, but I’m only a DFH.

  2. I don’t know who, or what, to believe anymore but I do believe this:

    American progressives and peace forces have been in a state of joyous delirium in recent weeks as they experienced vicarious, televised popular victories in Tunisia and Egypt. Watching unarmed crowds achieve tentative victories against entrenched, U.S.-backed regimes produced a kind of giddiness on this side of the ocean – an otherworldly feeling that somehow, the foreign outposts of U.S. empire might suddenly disintegrate by popular demand. But now, the U.S. naval war machine lies off the coast of Libya, and it is time for the American anti-war movement – such as it is – to remember who is the biggest enemy of peace on planet Earth: U.S. imperialism.

    Now I go to finish reading. I may be back.

  3. Right. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. That’s a very bad feeling since this, apparently, is not The Onion or even Onion-like.

    I guess I’ll go look up UNAC, not that it’ll do any good. Apparently NOTHING will do any good. If anyone has anything good to do, let me know. I probably won’t believe you but whatever.

    The good news must be that it can’t last forever, right?

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