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  1. Um, I might be overreacting here, but your last umpteen YouTubes have all centered on “home”, and many of them use “home” as context for death. You *are* okay, aren’t you?

  2. I was just looking for a music theme. Sometimes a video is just a video, and this is one of those times! LOL

  3. I was fortunate enough to meet Joe Bageant a couple of times. Once when he came to speak at the University of Philadelphia and I was surprised when he asked me to tag along to the bar with the students who were fascinated with him (Joe and I had corresponded some before then). I don’t hear well in crowded places, it’s some kind of genetic defect or something but I can’t carry on a conversation in a crowd and never have been able to so I told them I’m stepping outside for a smoke. Not a minute later there was Joe asking me for one and as we were smoking a panhandler asked for some change and the chump that I am I kind of turned away, but Joe pipes up “what you need money for, drugs? I do drugs.” and so those two talk a while and a little later we go back into the bar and I’m lost in all the noise in the space again.

    Then afterthat, I drove down to Winchester, about 100 miles from here and visited Joe for a couple of nights and we ate some Frogmore Stew (look it up) that I cooked up. Drank beer until I had to excuse myself to got to bed – that’s what I get out of alcohol after the 80 IQ sets in after a few drinks. But later on, a year later or so, I sent Joe a song and he wrote me back all enthused and said it made him cry and he sent it to his wife Barbara (a nice, nice person) and he said she cried and anyway, this song meant a lot to Joe. I’ve not been blogging lately and started to put it up but I’ve been down about Joe just up and dying and Jerry had already put up two posts about Joe so I haven’t put it up. – I had already put the song up on Badattitudes a long time ago but didn’t mention the story about Joe. But maybe you’d be kind enough to put it up and mention Joe found it touching. It impacted Joe in a real hard and yet insightful way. It touches me because I watched my little town go away as all the factories left and just died and I’ve been a fan of the song and some of the singer’s songs as well. As an aside, the show Northern Exposure played it at the end of the last episode. But it’s not on the video they sell as they didn’t want to pay the royalties. But my wife and I don’t watch television anymore so that’s irrelevant now. Anyway, Joe wrote me back and said it made him cry. And he had been sore with me for months over something else that I wrote that he misunderstood the meaning of. So now when I listen to it I always think of Joe. A great guy – down to earth and humble as they get but now he’s gone. I just wish he had made it to 65 and had Medicare – maybe he would have had more options.



  4. *Whew*! 🙂

    Then when’s “Homeward Bound” going up? One of my top five Simon and Garfunkel songs. (Or at least top twenty.)

    BTW, I loved “The Power Of A 12 Year Old Girl” and sent the link far and wide.

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