3 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. LibbyLiberal over at Corrente came up with this phrase which encapsulates Obama’s “negotiating” method: Forced to Cave.

    F2C should be a tag acronym for how Obama governs. He’s always putting himself in F2C situations, such as when he “had” to give the Republicans not ony the tax cut extensions for the wealthy that they wanted, he actually gave them more tax cuts for the Uberwealthy. It’s what he does.

    And, he lies to the voters while also doing secret, behind closed door deals with, oh, health industry players. That is stone cold factual reality about how he operates.

    I want it as a button to wear on my 2L4O (Too Liberal for Obama) t-shirt. And a bumper sticker, Obama — F2C. Forced to Cave. It would be nice to think of enough of these around forcing him to CARE…which is truly hopeless thinking….

  2. Been saying it for over a year, Barry don’t care.

    He wanted to be Prez and once he made it, ttthhhpppttt!

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – the McCain/Palin ticket threw the election to Obama, and now the Repubescent are working overtime to get him re-elected.

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