If you can’t trust Comcast, who can you trust?

Why on earth would any of us want to do anything that might prevent one of the nation’s largest and powerful media monopolies from maintaining that position? I hope the FCC sees reason on this and cooperates. We don’t want to do anything that might put roadblocks in Comcast’s way (*cough* Anonymous *cough*):

NEW YORK – Cable giant Comcast Corp. has asked the FCC to keep a document it will soon file about its deal with online video site Hulu from public view.

Politico reported that a letter from Comcast, whose NBCUniversal owns a stake in Hulu, argued the information is too sensitive for public eyes.

“The information in the Hulu LLC agreement would give third parties a detailed understanding of Hulu’s decision making process which could, in turn, allow them to make informed judgments about how Hulu might react in future negotiations or to predict Hulu’s future strategic decision making,” Comcast’s letter argued.

The FCC and other agencies in many cases keep proprietary information confidential.

“This document is entitled to enhanced confidential treatment because of its commercial sensitivity and the competitive harm that would result from its public disclosure,” Comcast said.