Tales of the Mercury retrograde

I stayed at a friend’s house last night and this morning involved having to deal with just about the worst-case scenario you can imagine involving a clogged toilet. You don’t get much more retro than that!

One thought on “Tales of the Mercury retrograde

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, I know how awful that can be (my upstairs’s neighbor’s clogged toilet led to a flooded bathroom for me in the past, an awful clean-up, but I just did it, sprayed a LOT of air freshener, used bleach, and did not freak out). On Wednesday night, my landlord came over to put in a new dishwasher (mine has been broken for over 2 years, he kept trying to “fix” it but it was so old there was no doing so). Of COURSE, the floor had rotted out underneath because he has waited so long, so my downstairs neighbor was treated a kitchen counter full of old, stinky water and she DID freak out. Lucky for me, this happened while I was at work, since my neighbor and my landlord “had words” about the “flood.” I actually had to go downstairs and try to apologize! She is STILL mad at me, not sure what to do about that, maybe as time goes by she will forget & forgive (even though it’s not MY fault!)

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