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My dear friend Colleen McFarland, a singer-songwriter who lives in Nashville, is touring this part of the country (NYC house concert tonight and then onto Coudersport PA the rest of the week). She was performing at a coffeehouse over on “the Jersey side” last night, so we went to hear her perform. (I’ve turned into my old social-butterfly self, thanks to the Wellbutrin.)

She’s touring with another Nashville songwriter, Mare Wakefield, who’s a delightfully rootsy performer. (Check out her hysterical performance of “Slimeball” below.)

Anyway, I was glad to run into my old friend George, he of the late lamented George’s 5th St. Cafe off South St., where I used to run the open mike. We caught up and he turned me onto a writers group (I’d been looking for one).


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  1. Sounds like you had a good evening. That’s great. Good that you might have found a writer’s group to work with.

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