2 thoughts on “White privilege etc.

  1. I think it is not so much racism as it is a general rule of group dynamics. It has been studied in churches. Small churches are always claiming that they want to grow, but they have several characteristics that prevent growth, and a couple of them are things that they really prize, like their close family type connections. A small group tends to have a maximum size, usually 20 or fewer. Once it forms itself and makes connections it will not accept anyone new unless someone leaves. You can get into the group if you are persistent enough, but generally someone will be pushed out. This is why these groups don’t grow. They get their group to the size they want it, they feel comfortable and friendly and at some level they know that letting more people in will take away that family feeling. The only way you can get a larger and more inclusive group is to form other groups, each organized around their own dynamic.

  2. Gee, just like all so-called liberal organizations. And just like the blogosphere.

    What a coincidence!

    Carolyn Kay

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