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  1. My home town. Twisters are old hat to Kansas/Missouri. Fifty sitings a night on several occasions as I was growing up. About all you can do is pull in your head and wait it out.

  2. Yup, we were driving in a fairly rural, outer suburb, when the sirens went off. This was a tornado *warning*, not a watch: several small funnels had already been spotted in the surrounding area — the common type, not the monster that hit Joplin. We parked and ducked into the basement corridors of a nearby hospital, with its staff and patients. We figured it was the safest place to be. But everyone was rattled by what had happened in Joplin 36 hours earlier, 150 miles away. Some of the nurses have family there.

  3. I was getting my hair cut when the weather radio started blaring. We took cover in an above ground classroom in the middle of the building listening to a TV station through the Internet.

    So scary to hear about tornados touching ground 1 mile south and just a little to the east. And the funnel floated over my brother’s house….

    But, we were lucky here (greater Kansas City) and there wasn’t any serious damage. Sedelia, though …. They got hit.

  4. (my sister got a hold of my brother and he was on his way to Joplin with a load of stuff …. so there really is no end to all this)

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