3 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. “…Gingrich’s claim that he had a ‘standard, no-interest account” as part of the ‘normal way of doing business’ appears highly dubious,” Kessler continued…”

    OK. That would not be a “normal way of doing business” if it were you or me.

    However, if you are a member of the ruling elite, it is a perfectly normal way of doing business.

    Besides, we never look back – we always look forward. With blinders on. Let’s just keep moving along, shall we?

  2. What’s especially interesting is that this sleazy hypocrite (Newt) is so unrepentant.

    Am I correct in thinking that the Salamander converted to Catholicism to marry Callista? If so, how could the Church have allowed his marriage to her, since it does not recognize or tolerate divorce? That would make him a bigamist or an adulterer, in addition to a hypocrite.

    How does he get such a huge pass from the Church and the press?

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