I might have mentioned before that I have an idea for a home improvement product with real potential, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to market it. (A lawyer friend even wrote up a non-disclosure agreement for me so I could shop the idea around.)

However, this morning I talked to my old boss, the management consultant. He told me to stay away from those patent companies (“They’re all crooks”) and that no major company will entertain ideas from outsiders because they don’t know what their own people might have in the pipeline, and they don’t want the potential legal exposure. But he does know someone in a related industry “as honest as the day is long” who might be willing to offer some direction, and that he would call him next week.

So who knows? I’ve done patent searches, I can’t find anything like this. I’ve seen a commercial product that’s somewhat similar, but not the same.

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  1. Look at the product and figure out what its mostly made of (Plastic for example) Find a small plastics mfg in your area and talk to them…they usually will point you in the right direction.

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