This is a changing part of the city, with hipsters and artsy types still outnumbered by the junkies and assorted riff-raff. When I read one of these stories about an immigrant being shot while working hard to take care of his family, I feel so sad. To come all that way, and then this?

Early Thursday morning, in footage caught on a surveillance camera, two unidentified young men strutted into Trax, a 24-hour convenience store under the El at Front and Girard, where Northern Liberties. Kensington and Fishtown converge. One of the men pulled a sawed-off shotgun from under his sweatshirt and thrust it in Shaker’s face.

This time, Shaker, an Egyptian Army veteran, resisted. Standing behind the counter, in front of the cigarette racks and shelves of soaps and shampoos, he pleaded with the gunmen to leave as they hit him with the barrel of the shotgun. He pushed the register closed, the video shows.

The gunman shot him in the head. Then the would-be robbers tried to pry the register from the counter. They left with nothing.