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At what point will people get it? I’ve said it before: Get a headset and use it. If you have a kid, it’s especially important that they not spend hours with a cell phone pressed to their growing brains:

LONDON — An international panel of experts says cellphones are possibly carcinogenic to humans after reviewing details from dozens of published studies on the matter.

The statement was issued in Lyon, France, Tuesday by the International Agency for Research on Cancer — the cancer agency of the World Health Organization. The assessment by the cancer panel now goes to WHO and national health agencies for possible guidance on cellphone use.

Last year, results of a large study found no clear link between cellphones and cancer.

But some advocacy groups contend the study raised serious concerns because it showed a hint of a possible link between very heavy phone use and a rare but often deadly form of brain tumor. However, the numbers in that subgroup weren’t sufficient to make the case.

3 thoughts on “Cell phones

  1. If this is true, then I shall die of butt cancer and there will be confirmation that RD had her head up her ass.
    That’ll learn me for keeping my iPhone in my pocket.

  2. Nobody’s ever done any research on keeping phones in pockets, although they do warn you to keep them away from your reproductive organs. I’ve seen info linking radar guns to testicular cancer in cops from keeping them in their laps.

  3. If something is of great utility (usage, etc), it will surely have its own problems as well; cell phones are no exception. Asking a person never to use his cell phone will seem ridiculous in today’s world in spite the common buzz of the various cancers that might arise due to excessive usage of the mobile phones. With the cell phones penetration into every corner in life where this kind of connectivity was not even thought off during the wired days, the mobile phone is a part and parcel of life that is equivalent to your personal vehicle. The cell phones are a handy device in case of emergency that’s inevitable in the present scenario. However, I think, if using a Bluetooth or a earpiece that moves away the user’s head from the antenna can reduce the RF(Radio Frequency) electromagnetic waves, then it’s worth a practice to keep ourselves at bay from the carcinogenic effect.

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