4 thoughts on “I hate traveling

  1. I have a short list of things I ABSOLUTELY need. If I remember those, everything else is gravy. But then again, I’m a college student with chronic illnesses, so I’m allowed a certain amount of bohemia-ness.

  2. I hate flying, I hate airports and I hate not sleeping in my own bed. (I hate packing, too, but I had someone else take care of that for me, so that’s cool.)

    Mostly, I hate upheaval in my routine. For an ADDer, routine is God. Disruption is the devil.

  3. I usually do OK with the preparations, but on the day of departure I just decide its too much trouble and just stay home. If I do go, I stay one day and then leave the next morning after breakfast. I have never been to a meeting or a conference that was worth the trip. Go to the meetings long enough to get the handouts, then go up to your room and read them, eat snacks and watch TV in a nice quiet cool room. That’s my kind of conference for an introvert.


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