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  1. Actual sunset time is only 30 minutes later than Philly… what’s so disorienting given that you are in a one hour different time zone (Central Daylight instead of Eastern Daylight time)?

    Here, to honour your presence in our city, we go to the trouble of providing you with a half an hour of extra daylight and nice weather to use it and all you do is kvetch .

    Minnesota has many attractions, including our Loons, two of whom are currently actually running for president.

  2. In my previous post the posting software omitted the left bracket SMILE right bracket I had included with the second ‘graph so you’d know it was in fun.

  3. Oh, I love this city, at least what I’ve seen of the downtown. And the people are exceptionally nice, except for the aforementioned Loons.

  4. After more than three years in Minnesota, I can tell you with absolute certitude that the people are not exceptionally nice: they are exceptionally passive-aggressive which is a kind of pretend niceness.

    There are many fine things about Minnesota, but be glad you aren’t driving a car. Minnesota has the worst drivers in the world. I’ve driven in five foreign countries and at least 30 of the United States, so I am not engaging in hyperbole.

  5. I want to move to a liberal state, with dependable winter snow for x-country skiing, and…I’d like to be near the western side of the time zone to have more daylight later in the day as I am soooo not a morning person.

    At one time I was thinking of Minneapolic-St. Paul, but then they had a run of winters without much snow and then they had a run of years with batshit crazy legislators passing carry laws, etc.

    So, where to go….

  6. This is still the place to go for that. We have one real nutburger in Congress, but many are pretty good. Some places are staunchly GOP and some are DFL. Pawlenty only turned nutter so he could run for president. You have to be nuts now in order to please the teabaggers and religious extremists in the GOP. But this past winter there was plenty of snow. Too much. I liked the milder winters.

  7. I have to tell you, having grown up in Minnesota, that the asshole drivers are people that moved in after I left. Same with the psycho governors.
    I feel like a mom that left her kids home alone for just a few years…

  8. Check the windows in your room. Sometimes they’re equipped with these hanging pieces of cloth that can be pulled together to shut out the light. Don’t know what they’re called, but they’re pretty nifty.

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