One thought on “Overwhelming

  1. This is very depressing in terms of the money, but I tend to see the cost more in terms of the cost to humanity.

    How many of our people have cycled through these wars and spent at least a year of their lives being altered and changed by that experience. Does anyone have that number? At least a million, maybe a couple of million. Have they been made better, nobler, more ethical and creative people for that experience? How many have been wounded, broken, brutalized? What is the cost of that to America?

    How much anger, hate and violence have they brought back with them in their minds and souls that will be poured out in their homes and communities? How much will it cost to deal with that?

    And what is the price of the lost opportunities for what these people might have done with their lives here if they had never gone to war? Many of them have been our best, most dedicated and intelligent and creative people whose lives might have been used here to do good instead of to go there to kill and destroy.

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