4 thoughts on “A disease

  1. “Yes, yes, I know it sounds unlikely. What about trickle down economics? The poor folks in a rich nation will surely notice the good health of their more affluent neighbors and they will attempt to follow their model by joining a health club and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They will have fresh sea food at least three times a week and drink a glass of red wine with dinner. They will move away from polluted areas near petrochemical refineries and find themselves a nice little enclave far from the city, preferably gated, because then they won’t have to worry about crime. When they feel their stress level rising, they will see a therapist. Or maybe they will try yoga or biofeedback. A trip to a spa can do wonderful things for the blood pressure. The poor will see that the rich have abandoned tobacco products and they will follow suit, because they want to be rich and successful, too.”

    Or they’ll go set fire to that big furniture store, and the fuck with their “neighbors.”

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned here, the times I’ve talked to my G13 brother about how I live in low-income housing, and he shuts up. Just stops talking. Because he can’t even hear that.

    Maybe it’s because if he heard it, he might have to do something.

  2. I shouldn’t even read this stuff. It fucks with my blood pressure. And we don’t have a low-income spa in this town.

  3. G13 is a government pay grade. And I don’t know what you mean by drums and whistles, so I can’t answer that.

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