Is ‘mainstream’ the right word for corporate media?

The thought of anyone sleeping with Alan Greenspan makes me queasy, especially right after dinner, but the reality of Greenspan’s wife having a prominent job in TV news always seemed downright sickening. More here.

4 thoughts on “Is ‘mainstream’ the right word for corporate media?

  1. Palin calls it the “Lame Stream Media.” Although Palin is no more than a skid mark in the panties of American politics she is correct in her assessment of the MSM. For all the wrong reasons to be sure, because she believes that the MSM is controlled by the “Left.” Which goes to show just how far right she actually is. And just how low FOX, and the rest of the MSM, will stoop to destroy our democracy and turn America into a Fascist state controlled by the 1 percenters.

  2. I loathe Andrea Mitchell – but in fairness, she was prominent in news for many years before marrying Greenspan.

  3. Lady Chicken Neck has breast cancer, so I expect she’ll be loosening her death grip on the limelight soon enough. She’s not one of the small people, you know.

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