What’s crazier, belief in UFOs or in ‘free trade’?

Yesterday, I read new remarks by Dennis Kucinich about so-called free trade and thought, damn, I’d vote for this guy over Barack Obama in a heartbeat. More here.

5 thoughts on “What’s crazier, belief in UFOs or in ‘free trade’?

  1. “You’ll hear a giant sucking sound,” said Perot. And that was just alright with Bill Clinton and his support for the Republican inspired NAFTA bill which he knew would ship millions of American factory jobs overseas. But speaking of UFO’s, the Church of Scientology is an offshoot of the Mormon cult. Both believe that space travelers visited earth and passed universal knowledge onto their founders. Ooooeeeeeooo.

  2. Cross-posted:

    oddmanout, apparently you’ve never heard of saying one thing and doing another. Politics in the USA! Ooh-Rah

    How quaint.

  3. Yes, Imhotep, apparently made-up-shit knows no bounds.

    Can it GET any better than this?

  4. Pet peeve: UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects. To say you believe in UFOs means you believe some objects haven’t been identified. Not such a radical stance, is it?

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