You’d go to jail. Tony Baloney gets slap on the wrist.

Isn’t it brazen, even for the NYPD, to do nothing more than take away a few days’ pay from Anthony Bologna, the high-ranking cop who was caught on video assaulting helpless women? More here.

4 thoughts on “You’d go to jail. Tony Baloney gets slap on the wrist.

  1. Well, ya know Suze, we still have to make sure that our Finest know how to be brutal when necessary and not worry about repercussions and stuff.

  2. He’s being disciplined for having enabled OWS to go viral! Seriously, I had no idea those freaks were even there until the video surfaced.

  3. White shirts lose vacation days. A blue shirt would have been suspended for 10 days with the suspension on hold while the PBA fought it and it would be dropped after the end of #OWS.

  4. That’s a paycheck he just lost, and he also lost his defense against a criminal assault charge, and against a civil suit. When you retire, you are paid for unused vacation time, and paid at the rate you retire at.

    He gets no time off, and a fine, at his current pay scale, in excess of $2,000. It wasn’t a slap on the wrist, and his legal troubles have just started. The City is building a case for itself against a civil suit by doing this. This also relieves them have having to cover his attorney’s fees, because he was guilty of not following policy.

    NYPD just threw him under the bus to save themselves.

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