Has America begun to ‘get’ Bernie Sanders?

To understand how right-wing the major political parties in America are, it helps to read the foreign press. This from The Guardian:

… [Bernie Sanders’] beliefs… would fit comfortably in the middle left of Britain’s Labour party or Germany’s SPD. But it is impossible to over-state just how much of a political death sentence being called a “socialist” – never mind actually proudly proclaiming it – usually is in America…

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2 thoughts on “Has America begun to ‘get’ Bernie Sanders?

  1. I wish we could clone Bernie. He could get elected in my state, one of those pinky-light blue ones in the wild west.

  2. Too bad he won’t run for president, if only just to give us an alternative to the mastercard/visa parties. On the other hand, it looks like he went to Univ of Chicago. At this point I don’t trust anything or anyone connected to that city or school.

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