Will the circle jerk of ’1-percenters’ be broken?

Members of outlaw motorcycle gangs used to refer to themselves as “one-percenters.” When we hear “one-percenters” these days, the reference usually is to establishment types who are obscenely wealthy and powerful. More here.

One thought on “Will the circle jerk of ’1-percenters’ be broken?

  1. There are only two kinds of income. Income (wages) earned through ones labor. Income earned through ones investments. The 1% has no real interest in the wages (income) of labor. That’s because wages are easily manipulated by employers so that the inverse relationship between wages and profits is always maintained. The general rule (law) shows that as profits rise, wages fall, and vice versa. The 1% is very interested in how the income earned from investments is treated however, especially by the tax code. OWS is focused on wealth inequality and the role investment income plays in creating that inequality.

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