Manhattan D.A. chips away at protesters’ rights

At what point did we all decide that you had to have a permit that designated where you could and could not protest? “We” never made such a decision, of course. More here.

4 thoughts on “Manhattan D.A. chips away at protesters’ rights

  1. Once the 1% made the decision to strip the little wealth that the 99% had managed to set aside over a period of years the Patriot Act was passed and the cameras were installed everywhere. Now they have unleashed the goons from their riot squads to suppress all free speech and assembly. The 99% must remain Peaceful. They can not fall into the trap of becoming violent. Violence is the game that the 1% plays to remain in power.

  2. It’s all private property baby. Free speech zones, baby, made popular by Bushie the Younger, baby.

  3. And yes, no violence. Treat the institutional goons like a crazed lunatic because they represent an insane, collapsing system, just back away and disengage from the institutions. Don’t give them any more of (y)our money. Starve them out. Stop the flow of money that feeds and nurtures them. Stop using the big banks, stop pouring your money into 401K grifters’ schemes.
    Stop. Hesitate and listen.
    General strikes are a good idea, too.

  4. If we learned anything from the success of the Civil Rights Movement 30 years ago it is that VIOLENCE toward the authority gives the power of the movement TO THE AUTHORITY………………

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