Obama to fight Wall St. corruption — joking!

When Barack Obama took office, it was almost embarrassing to watch so many otherwise intelligent people rejoice at the notion that he could do good and yet remain closely allied with the corrupt banks that had wrecked the economy. Most people know better now, but does Obama? More here.

2 thoughts on “Obama to fight Wall St. corruption — joking!

  1. The choice was between a warmongering Zionist beholden to Wall Street (Hillary or McCain) or Obama. Those who voted for Obama were correct in their vote. He was the lesser of the evils offered to us by the 1%.

  2. Wait, Obama who raised more money and a higher percentage of money from Wall Street and ran to the right of every other single Democrat in the primary on economic issues was the candidate not beholden to Wall Street. Maybe if one did nothing but read the Obama website. But for people who looked further, it was pretty clear Obama was Wall Street’s choice in 2008. More so than McCain or Clinton. Which is not to say those two wouldn’t have done Wall Street’s bidding, it’s only to say that anyone who thought Obama wasn’t beholden to Wall Street – the seed money for his primary campaign came from Hedge Funds – was deluding themselves.

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