Bush, Obama rolled lucky ’7′s for banksters

Did anyone else see the lame TV movie called Too Big To Fail, which pretended to explain how and why the government gave the banksters more than $700 billion? It turns out the bansksters actually were given 7.7 trillion by 2009. In case you’re wondering why we’re really, really broke. More here.

3 thoughts on “Bush, Obama rolled lucky ’7′s for banksters

  1. I did, it was PAINFUL to watch…one of the attorneys just brought in the book TBTF & I wanted to say AND THEY ARE NOW EVEN BIGGER.

  2. Try Casino Jack at 8PM tonite on The Movie Channel (TMC). Sorkin is an apologist for the 1%. His Too Big To Fail was filled with half-truths and outright lies. In other words Sorkins piece ain’t even close to the real history of what actually went on. We’ll see how they do with Jack Abramoff in Casino Jack tonite.

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