‘Balanced’ reporting? That’ll be the day

Paul Krugman uses facts to skewer the myth of balanced reporting every chance he gets, but do you think NYT’s reporters and editors — even though the facts are available — will ever run a story headlined “Romney campaign based on falsehoods”? More here.

2 thoughts on “‘Balanced’ reporting? That’ll be the day

  1. The OWS movement is the reason that House Republicans were made to look like fools last week. Why, because the 1% wants the T-Bag Party to disappear. They have outlived their usefulness and have become a political liability to the 1%. Thanks to the OWS movement. How much damage the 1% will inflict on the Republican base is yet to be determined. OWS has forced the 1% to defend the fact that it owns 40% of America’s wealth. And to explain the reasons why it should be permitted to continue to own all that wealth. Unfortunately for the 1%, the 99% is questioning the 1%’s justification for such massive wealth inequality. Including some in the T-Bag Party. The OWS movement is responsible for this important public discussion.

  2. If justice ever comes, this is why every owner and board member controlling media in this country should be in the dock along with the CEO’s and hedge fund managers. Of all the people responsible for the destruction of democracy, it’s these modern day Goebbels’.

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