One thought on “Nana gets an iPad

  1. That’s a great story! And a great woman, too!

    But about ipads, and probably all tablets…. I’ve been using computers since the 1970s, when we had to do stat programs on punch cards and use Job Control Language. I l-o-o-o-ve computers, and I’ve always jumped on each new thing as it came along. I’ve had to face that I’m a gadget freak.

    Except tablets. They seemed pointless. Portable TVs, basically. The web surfing I can do on my phone more conveniently. Then I had to use one yesterday because my local hospital has gone all ipad for their check-in procedures. Twenty questions that would have taken seconds on paper took about five minutes.

    The storied touchscreen takes forever to respond to a tap. (I have very dry fingers.) I need an “a”: tap … tap, tap … tap, tap, tap, tap, mash whole top of finger down and hold. Get a “z.” Start over. Blow on fingers so they have some moisture on them. Tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap! Finally, an “a.” And so it went. Need a number or an “@”? Tap special characters for different keyboard, get the one character, tap key for a-b-c keyboard, etc., etc., etc. What a total and absolute pain. And this is what everyone is raving about? I’d get frustrated just entering a damn password, forget writing a message.

    The graphics are okay, so as a portable TV it would work except that you have to hold the thing all the time. Hold one hand behind your back while you use a computer to see how it feels to use a tablet, if you’re not already used to them.

    I know. There are lots of way more coordinated people than me out there. And also people with more normal skin. But, believe me, those things are worse than useless for some of us.

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