2 thoughts on “Occupy Oakland

  1. ‘Wealth inequality’ is what the problem is. Not ‘income inequality’ which can be corrected using the tax code. 40% of our wealth is owned by 1% of our population. That allows the 1% to buy our politicians (or be one like Romney) and through them decide on what our foreign policy will be (like illegally attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan or going to war with Iran). Unless and until we distribute most of that 40% of our wealth owned by the 1% to the 99% nothing will ever change.

  2. Occupy Oakland is not building a very good name for itself.
    Sure, the cops were too violent, the mayor not equipped to handle the job.
    But you know, the 1% do not live in Oakland. Taking out millions of dollars from the City of Oakland budget does not hurt the 1%, nor do they pay attention to it.
    It’s the regular working people, the homeless who will have top pay for it.
    Hundreds of City of Oakland employees are being laid off. Police are not able to respond to ‘regular’ calls (my neighbors alarm went off – the cops showed up THE FOLLOWING DAY)
    Go to Los Altos, Piedmont, Danville – go where the 1% lives. Make the point there.
    Oakland truly cannot afford it. Nor can the small businesses in downtown – they’re hanging by a thread themselves.

    I fully support the Occupy movement, but they need to grow up a bit and know where to direct the anger.

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