3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren

  1. Here’s how we’re failing our children; our belief in ‘free markets’. The Republicans claim that the way to control health care costs is to allow ‘free market’ forces (competition) to work. If ‘free markets’ actually worked then there would not have been a need to pass the Medicare law. The price of health care, like the price of oil, is artificially set by a cartel. A ‘free market’ for profit health care system would, and did, exclude sick people from its model and insured only healthy people in order to maximize its profit. Which begs the question of whether or not the price of food should be left up to the vagaries of ‘free market’ Capitalism?

  2. We need more Elizabeth Warrens in out political dialogue. Her mindset, I think, reflects that of a “fair market” approach to Capitalism, which probably doesn’t help the 1% crooks sleep very well. And I firmly believe that they haven’t seen anything yet!

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